Righcar Terms and Conditions


Article 1 – Definitions and terms


The terms used in this document have the following meanings:


1-1 Company: Righcar Connected Processing Company, which provides Righcar services.


1-2 Righcar: Software services provided by the company with the aim of providing automotive services to the user.


1-3 Application: Software owned by the company, which in order to use the services, the right to use it temporarily in accordance with the conditions set forth in the present document is granted to users or business parties of the company.


1-4 User: is a natural or legal person who connects to the application via the Internet and benefits from Righcar services in accordance with the current terms and conditions.


1.5 Guest user: is a real person who is introduced to use Righcarservices without the need to have an account.


1-6 Business Parties: Natural and legal persons who, according to a private contract, have the right to temporarily use the application under their own brand or jointly with Righcar by creating a portal.


1-7 User account: It is an account created by people to use Righcar’s services in the application.


1-8 Credit: is the amount that users have in their account in order to use Righcar’s services. 


1-9 Confidential Information: All users’ Information, including information entered directly by users, as well as information generated automatically as a result of using Righcar services by the company or commercial parties.


1-10 Laws and regulations of the Islamic Republic of Iran: Constitution, ordinary laws, executive by-laws, directives, instructions, and all legal rules governing the subject of the contract, including the law of compulsory third party insurance, traffic regulations, and the law on handling traffic violations.

Article 2 – User account


2.1 By registering in the Righcar application, users also acknowledge that they have completely read the present terms and conditions and have accepted them with knowledge of its terms and meanings. These terms and conditions may change over time. Users’ use of the application, after each change in terms and conditions, means acceptance of the issued changes as well. These terms are always available to read in the Righcar app.


2.2 In order to use Righcar services, it is necessary for each user, whether a natural or legal person, to create an account in the application. Only people over the age of 18 who are legally qualified can create an account in the app. To use the service, the user must register his or her name, surname, and mobile number in the Righcar application.


2-3 None of the users have the right to use bots and related softwares or other interveners to use the application, including authentication, completing information, sending requests, etc.


2-4 Users agree to enter up-to-date and real information whenever it is requested by the application, and the user is responsible for the invalid and obsolete information. Otherwise, the company will not be responsible for any damages and problems resulting from the incorrect disclosed information.


2.5 Users undertake to register in the application only with their own mobile number. Otherwise, they are fully responsible to the mobile number’s beneficiary and the company will be allowed to cancel the account and membership, whenever it becomes aware of this issue.


2-6 Each person can only have one user account. If the company becomes aware that there are multiple user accounts related to only one person, whether natural or legal, it will be allowed to discontinue the services and deactivate the user accounts.


2.7 Users are responsible for all activities performed through the accounts of natural or legal persons in the application. Therefore, the responsibility of disclosing user accounts information or letting others use the application services rests entirely with the account user.


2-8 The user is responsible for maintaining the security of account information. In case of loss or theft of account information and mobile phone, the user is obliged to inform the company as soon as possible. Obviously, until the company is notified, he will be responsible for all activities that are done and can be done through the user account and mobile phone.


2-9 Users have no right to allow other natural and legal persons to use their account or transfer their account to another natural or legal person. In the case of a legal entity user, the legal responsibilities for using Righcar’s services will be on the legal entity managers’ shoulders.


2-10 In certain circumstances, users may be asked to authenticate themselves in order to use the Services, in these cases, if the users do not provide sufficient information to the Company, the Company may block their account and refuse to provide the Services to such persons.


2.11 Users may be required to complete information, provide documentation or modify existing information. In this case, the user will be obliged to provide information or correct the requested information within the allowed period. Otherwise, the company can block the account and refuse to provide services to the user.


Article 3 – Use of Righcar


3.1 By using Righcar services, users are accepted and are obliged not to use the services provided to carry out any illegal activities according to the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran, contrary to Islamic law, and contrary to the custom of society.


3.2 Users undertake never to use the Voter Services in a manner that would harm the Voter. In case the users abuse the facilities provided in Righcar for any kind of damage to the interests of the company, the company will have the right to terminate the services and deactivate their account, by referring to the competent authorities, to take legal action, including claiming damages.


3.3 Users acknowledge that the Company may use SMS, Email or Push Notification as a means of communication with them. Users can request that these messages be stopped, but by refusing to receive these messages, they acknowledge potential problems with using Righcar services and may not receive the required information in a timely manner.


3-4 Companies may offer codes as gifts to users. By entering these codes in the software, either a percentage of the cost of the service is reduced or a percentage of the cost of the service is then returned to the user and a certain amount is added to the user’s account in the Righcar application. How to provide these services and determine the deadline for their use is subject to the discretion of the company and if the above codes do not belong, users will not have the right to make any claims or objections in this regard. Users agree that they are not permitted to transfer or sell codes to other persons. Users are also not allowed to publish these codes to the public (even if the company has published the codes in public in a way that is publicly available) unless the company has officially given them permission to do so.


3-5 Users agree that the credit they have in their account is independent of the method of obtaining it legally (if as a result of increasing the credit through the bank portal or entering discount codes provided by the company or any other method) only for use. Righcar services can be used and it is not possible to receive this money in cash.


3.6 Users acknowledge that codes given to them to increase credibility or discount may expire. As the company or business does not charge users to provide these codes, they reserve the right to change the amount or percentage of the impact of these codes, even after publication, in accordance with the terms of the assigned code, or if necessary, canceling them. Also, if the company determines that the application of this code was due to a technical error or violation or was illegal, it can revoke or delete these codes or the credit that was added to the user account as a result of using it.


3.7 Users are responsible for providing the Internet and the necessary hardware as well as paying for their use of Righcar services.


3.8 Users acknowledge and declare that they have read and accepted the Righcar Privacy Policy.


3.9 Righcar services may be provided in partnership with the services of companies or other business parties over which Righcar’s company has no control. In such cases, users agree that these services have their own terms and conditions and Righcar is not responsible for the rules and services of these companies.


Article 4 – Expenses and payments


4.1 Users agree that it is not possible to reimburse the costs they pay to the company or business partner based on the terms of use of the application services. The company and the trading party will consider the discrepancy in the declared and paid cost only in the first 48 hours. Therefore, users must inform the company within the first 48 hours.


4.2 Users agree that the number of services provided, including vehicle’s rules violation fines, highway tolls, the amount of third party insurance and subscription to the annual car assistance subscription, etc. will be determined by the company or relevant body and after payment can not Have an objection to the declared amount. Obviously, since users are allowed not to accept the amount announced by the company or the relevant body, if they accept, they will commit to paying it. For this purpose, by accepting these terms and conditions, users authorize the company to receive and receive the amounts requested by the company or the relevant body from their user credit.


4.3 Payment of the costs announced in the Righcar service departments can only be done through the methods specified by the company. These methods include Payment through credit in Righcar wallet, online payment to increase the account balance. Payment methods have been limited to the above. Any other method such as transferring directly from a card to a second card, etc. is not approved by the company and in this case, the company will not be responsible.


Article 5 – Voter responsibility


5-1 Company Using conventional facilities, tries its best to satisfy  its users.


5.2 The company provides users with the desired quality services by using its supervision and comments from users.


5.3 The company tries to use the software services used by the users’ devices, but the court acts on its implementation in both devices or communication networks (Internet, mobile night, etc.).


5.4 User information is protected as confidential information by the company and access to it is prohibited by third parties, if permitted by law and accordingly a judicial authority. Using other legal cases as well as requesting and issuing appropriate orders by judicial authorities, the company is obliged to use users’ information about the authority. It is necessary to explain that providing user information is possible only through the application and in order to maintain the security of users’ information and the principle of confidentiality, providing user information to your user and third parties by phone and in person is not allowed by law.


5.5 However, each user when using the service, with a problem in case of extreme breakage, make it through the call center. A follow-up company needs to be set up to conduct the trial and bring its efforts to resolve the dispute.


5-7 Provides medical services independently using Righcar commercial services in accordance with the terms and conditions published on the site. Use of the Services in order to use the Computer Services to agree to the use of the Users and the Commercial Services provided in accordance with the Terms and Conditions and your responsibility to be accountable to the Users. Righcar is only a provider of services provided to the business and is responsible for the services provided by the business to users.




Article 6 – Responsible users


6-1 Responsibility for all actions and deeds of users of non-compliance with the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran, including the Islamic Penal Code and civil laws, if another person is in violation and has no problems with extraordinary and unwanted actions and deeds. If the company deactivates the account of the perpetrator, through the competent authorities, to take action against the mentioned person in order to realize their legal rights.


6.2 Any action by other users that causes damage to the reputation, actions, and assets of the company will be considered a necessary and legal condition. The company reserves the right to block the account of the infringing user and, if necessary, has a law that must be brought against the infringer and to protect its damages and legal rights.


6-3 There is a guaranteed user to comply with all terms and conditions published in the application and site in case of commercial use of Righcar services and in case of violation of the mentioned obligations and conditions is responsible for accepting all works that are suggested by the parties in case of receipt in the tribe. 


Article 7 – Righcar Services


7.1 Sales of Troubleshooting Dongles (Personal Diag) Righcar application is one of the sales channels of Righcar Troubleshooting Dongles and the company is committed to delivering the dongles sold to users to the user at the time of announcement by the company at the address announced by the user.


7-2 Troubleshooting service (Diag) Danesh Bonyan Negin Khodro Hooshmand Company with the brand name “Righcar” is proud to provide its users with a unique diagnostic service or Diag through the application and Righcar troubleshooting dongle.


7-3 Inquiry and payment of violations: In the section of violation inquiry services, the information of driving crimes of the user’s car in accordance with the information stated by the user from Rahvar system of inquiry and vehicle violation in accordance with the latest update of Rahvar database has been provided to the user. It becomes.


Note 1: Rahvar database information is generally not up to date and is updated every week; As a result, it is normal not to see recent fines or to see fines paid within a period of one week to 10 days leading up to date by updating the Rahoor database and not due to a voting error. Obviously, by updating the Rahvar database, the paid fines will be removed from the list of violations of the user’s vehicle.


7-4 Inquiry and payment of tolls: Righcar inquires about the toll debts of the user through this section and provides them in detail, and the user can settle all or part of his debt. Highway toll service is such that by paying the amount of debt, the user’s debt is settled in an instant and the result is displayed in the re-inquiry.


7-5 Inquiry and payment of annual vehicle tolls: Through this service, Righcar inquires about the user’s annual toll debts and presents them in detail, and the user can settle his entire debt. The annual toll service is similar to the infringement service and is such that by paying the debt amount, the user’s debt is displayed with a delay of settlement and the result is displayed with a delay of one week in the re-inquiry.


6-6 Inquiry and payment of Tehran Traffic Plan debt: Righcar inquires and presents Tehran Traffic Plan debt in detail through this service, and the user can settle all or part of his debt. The traffic plan service is such that by paying the amount of the debt, the user’s debt is settled instantly and the result is displayed in the re-inquiry.


7-7 Inquiry of the allowed days of traffic in the range of air pollution: Righcarthrough this service to Tehran users shows the number of days left of traffic in the range of air pollution in a season. It is worth mentioning that the number of allowed traffic days in the range for Tehran users is 20 days.


7-8 Inquiry, comparison, and online purchase of third-party insurance: Righcar has provided this service in cooperation with Bazaar Insurance Company. In this service, Righcar has made it possible for users to inquire and compare the price of third-party insurance and to buy and send insurance policies online.


7-9 Annual subscription of Iran Khodro Emdad: Righcar has provided this service in cooperation with Iran Emdad Khodro Company. In this service, Righcar has provided the possibility of buying online and sending the annual subscription card of Iran Khodro Relief Services.


7-10 Specialized training: Righcar, with a team of automotive experts who are among the elites of the country’s top universities, has started to produce specialized and standard automotive content and has provided its production content to users in the context of Righcar application.


7-11 Automotive News: Righcar continuously provides users with important automotive news in the platform of Righcar application.


7-12 Profile: Righcar application to provide better services to users, requires user registration and providing vehicle information; Therefore, when registering, the phone number, name, and surname of the user are obtained and optionally asks users to enter the license plate number, postcode barcode number, national code, and VIN on the car card.


Article 8 – Technical cases


8.1 Users have no right to make any attempt to extract the Source Code of RighcarSoftware, including Decompile, Reverse Engineering, or similar activities unless otherwise permitted by law.


8.2 Users are not allowed to provide another version of Righcarservices on other servers using Framing or Mirroring methods and other methods. The user is also not allowed to make any changes or disturbances to the Righcar software or the way the services are provided.


8.3 Users have no right to run any software or script for the purpose of indexing, reading, or any data mining activity on the Services.




8.4 Users have no right to take any action to gain illegal or unconventional access to any part of the Righcar application or Righcar-related systems.




Article 9 – Content produced by users


The Company may in certain circumstances allow users to publish photos, text, audio files, video files, or similar files on websites, mobile software, social networks, or other parts of the system. Ownership of this content will continue to belong to the users. However, by registering them in Rikar-related services, users give the company the right to publish information that has been declassified or to transfer it to other natural or legal persons.




Article 10 – Interruption of services


The company or business partner for any reason concludes that the presence of any user can endanger the security and tranquility of the business or other users, at its discretion to block the account of the user or not to use Services are temporary or permanent. If users do not comply with these terms and conditions, or their access to Righcarservices is dangerous or undesirable, the company reserves the right to remove the user access to the services. In this case, the user will not have the right to make any claims or objections.


Article 11 – Remote agreement


11-1 Users agree that for the easy exchange of information and the conclusion of new agreements, all changes, and additions to the present terms and conditions, including changing and adding its terms, setting up contracts, notices, and notifications related to the company, will be made through the Righcar application and users While accepting information on the terms and conditions of the implementation of the agreement remotely and electronically, they agree to the application of any new terms and conditions through cyberspace and electronically.


11-2 The user account belongs to the user and its use is independent of the user and non-transferable. All responsibilities related to the maintenance and protection of the user account are the responsibility of the user with the user account. Users, while accepting all responsibility arising from the use of the user account, attribute to themselves all the data of the messages issued through the said user account, including form, phrase, confirmation, selection of forms and their approval, and any claim for denial, doubt, and falsification of message data. Posted by users can not be listened to and rejected.


11-3 Users acknowledge that any procedures, forms, expressions confirming and announcing the acceptance and confirmation of the data of the messages issued by the company are considered as electronic signatures and acceptance and any claim regarding the signature and acceptance can not be rejected.


11-4 By subscribing to and using the Righcar services, users declare their intention and will to accept the conclusion of any legal action, including cyber transactions, through a computer and electronic system.




11-5 All legal and technical procedures including user authentication, requirement and acceptance, electronic signature, and related approvals provided by the company to conclude an electronic contract with users through the application, are accepted by users and any technical method for setting the contract, including the requirement And acceptance is like a written agreement. Any claim, including denial or doubt, about the electronic contract, is inadmissible and rejected.


11-6 Due to the conclusion of the present contract electronically and in cyberspace, users agree to determine the residence of the company as the place of conclusion of the contract.

Users agree to read and accept the text of the Terms of Use and Privacy when using Righcar Services.


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